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Help us help America's Veterans realize the joy that comes from an appreciation and understanding of music. Donate to Soldier Songs and Voices!


“This program has given me hope for the first time in a long, long time and a reason to keep going. Music can change the world and is changing me for the better.”

Erika VandenbergUS Army, Sergeant

Songs and Voices

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Memorial Day 2014 Events

Please join us in Pasadena and Austin for some great Memorial Day events. Get more information by clicking “Events” in our main navigation toward the top of any page.

Photo of SoldierSongs and Voices veteran playing guitar

Our Mission

Soldier Songs and Voices mission is to embrace American Veterans upon their return home, providing free music lessons and songwriting workshops.

Photo of SoldierSongs and Voices instruction group

Veterans Workshop

Soldier Songs & Voices exists to serve our veterans with FREE music lessons, instruments when necessary, and a means of creative expression through music & song writing. We are musicians, grateful to the men and women of our armed services for the freedoms we enjoy as  Read More

News and Events Helping Veterans Heal Wounds Through Music

TWC channels 1 & 8 in Austin, TX. This interview was held during the weekly workshop at the Saxon Pub in Austin, TX on Sunday, Veteran's Day, 11 Nov 2012. Dustin Welch, Owen Temple, Shawn Temple and Gregory Triplett were interviewed for the story.

Featured Supporter

Big Sky Songwriters Festival is a proud supporter of Soldier Songs and Voices, and we are excited to support this worthwhile project for a 2nd year.